PHOENIX SYNERGISTICS - 18th Annual Home equity lending monitor 

The Home Equity Lending Monitor was launched in 2001 to track and measure important issues in the home equity lending market.  The Monitor features a number of multiphase research elements including an extensive national consumer survey, a client presentation, and a strategically oriented project report.  This annual monitor will benefit the entire home equity team including market research, product management, database marketing, communications and advertising, and risk management.

18th Annual Home Equity Lending Monitor – October 2018 

  • Activation, Retention, and Re-Marketing
  • Product Features and Pricing
  • Marketing Channel Mix

National survey includes 2,557 online interviews with homeowners including 1,135 equity credit users, 387 equity credit prospects, and 1,035 equity credit rejecters.

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3rd Annual Mortgage market Monitor - April 2018

  • Decision Making and Application Process
  • Sources of Information and Advice; Education
  • Relationship Acquisition and Expansion
  • Major Competitive Lender Profile

The survey includes 2,000 total interviews with financial decision makers age 18+, with a particular focus on current homeowners and buyers entering the market.

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